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Syllabus Consulting offers consultants certified in project management, Scrum, information technology security, flight instruction.

Consultants have a range of experience in national defense issues, leadership, teamwork, coaching, and many other areas.  


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Syllabus Consulting began work in cooperation with a global company to initiate a project to create an exciting training simulator.  

Unfortunately the client’s primary stakeholder was unable to commit to the project due to the onset of the global pandemic caused by the SARS-CoV-2.

The project had to be closed shortly after initiation.  

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Syllabus Consulting’s organizer was named to the Board of Advisors of the Planet Protection Program in December 2022 and assists its subsidiary Disaster Support Network with its expansion into air support of emergency management and its European interests. This partnership continues into 2023 with continued success.

Syllabus Consulting entered an informal strategic partnership with Heartland Realty Associates and developed a business network around Northeastern Missouri. This partnership continued into 2023 with continued success.

Syllabus Consulting supports C2TI providing instruction to Air University’s Air Command and Staff College. This effort continues and provides our primary source of revenue.

Syllabus Consulting entered a formal affiliate tactical partnership with Team of Hope in order to bring the Tapestri app to market in June 2021. The partnership concluded with some success in May 2022.

Project: Acquire Real Estate

In this, one of many “Before” photos by Heartland Realty Associates:  Biological residue coated the tile siding of this otherwise doughty century-old home in Northeastern Missouri. The stains became visible after untended growth was removed by Hometown Tree Service of Palmyra, Missouri.

In this, one of many “After” photos by Heartland Realty Associates:  The stains shown on the “Before” photo were no match for a good pressure-washing. There is just a bit left to do as you can see in the upper left.

"The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining."
President John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy
35th President of the United States

Project: Business Formation

2021:  Syllabus Consulting provides consulting to a new business, Alpine Crossing, LLC.  We set strategy, short- and long-term plans, and assisted initiation of their first real estate acquisition project.

Syllabus consulting entered a tactical partnership for one year with Team of Hope on a project to bring the Tapestri app to market. 

The Tapestri app aims to launch in the United States in June and will enable users to better control and monetize their data.  Tapestri wants to return a dividend to end users who opt-in to submitting anonymized data that they normally provide to large enterprises with no remuneration.  

For more information please refer to this link: 

Tactical Partnership and Affiliation with Team of Hope


What's Next?

Syllabus Consulting is ready to help you succeed in your next endeavor, whether government (public) or business (private).