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About Us

Our Story

Syllabus Consulting, LLC was formed in order to provide instruction and to provide expertise on topics of leadership, strategy, management, and technical application of aerospace sciences to clients in the aerospace industry, academia, and government.

Syllabus Consulting, LLC was founded in June 2020.

Why we are different

We are informed experts out of the aerospace field with years of experience in a wide variety of topics:

High-performance aviation; human high-performance; military and civilian aviation; operational training, scheduling, and instruction; instructional systems development; all-aspect safety and risk management; tactical, operational, and strategic decision-making processes; practical application of lean six sigma; information technology and security; technical writing; aviation and space systems; aviation and space control; international relations; large-organization strategy development; organizational and team leadership; operational budget and finance; regulatory compliance; and many other topics.

Let’s talk


Our experts are lifelong learners who will help you find the current best solution to your present and future problems.


Our experts bring years of academic, experiential, and practical knowledge to provide instruction or to discover unoptimized processes

Teach Your Team How to Solve Problems

Whether your team needs help developing strategy, practical advice on technical writing or presentations, or finding and fixing problems, we’re there to help you!

Chris Penningroth 2016

Chris Penningroth

Organizer and Founder of Syllabus Consulting, LLC

Project Management Professional (PMP) digital badge

Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master digital badge

CompTIA Security+ digital badge 2018/2021 Verification Code: JRVXH00NGPF4QZWL

ASQ Lean Specialized Credential digital badge

ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt digital badge

MSI Six Sigma Lean Black Belt Professional digital badge




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