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Syllabus Consulting launched its first project in summer 2020. 

A business strategy meeting in July 2020 ended with a requirement for the company to build not only revenues, but also build a portfolio of assets. In September an opportunity presented to acquire a foreclosed property in a small town in northeastern Missouri that evinced growth potential. 

Phase 1 - Acquire Asset(s)

A business partner recommended a parcel of real estate with a century-old single-family home. The property was in foreclosure; Syllabus Consulting partnered with Heartland Realty Associates to acquire the property using a very simple waterfall project management method. 

Acquisition was concluded in late September 2020. The acquisition project phase was terminated and the renovation phase began.

Phase 2 - Renovate Asset

The renovation phase began immediately in October 2020 with an informal project charter. Heartland Realty Associates assigned a general contractor to manage the effort. Due to the number of renovations needed, the budget and project schedule required frequent revision; the schedule was extended in time; most renovations were accomplished just under the initial budget estimations. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic response, contractor availability, and construction material diversions due to hurricane recovery efforts resulted in extended timelines. The property had considerable landscaping problems, these were solved by Hometown Tree Service. The house and detached garage required roof repairs, these were accomplished by Tri-States Roofing. Additionally the home required new fascia, gutters, and downspouts in order to prevent flooding in the basement; most of this work was accomplished by subcontractors hired by Drew’s Home Improvement. The existing furnace, water heater, window-unit air conditioner, and basement sumps were all determined to be unserviceable and required full replacements. The furnace and air conditioning units were ably replaced by Campen Heating & Air Conditioning while the basement sumps were re-dug and replaced by Drew’s Home Improvement. Nearly all of the existing plumbing required replacement; Drew’s Home Improvement shined in this effort and did outstanding work at a very reasonable price. Most of the floors required attention and the floor tile was replaced by a subcontractor for Drew’s Home Improvement with luxury vinyl from Savemore Carpets. One of the entry doors required replacement and was given an upgrade with an electronic locking system acquired from Doors-N-More; again work was accomplished by a Drew’s Home Improvement subcontractor. Most of the light fixtures required replacement and the house required interior repainting; Drew’s Home Improvement quickly and efficiently completed these tasks.

While phase 2 was largely concluded by May 2022, several desired upgrades were identified. The phase was closed with annotations in the project register to open a future project when the upgrades are to be accomplished. 

The heroes of this phase were Heartland Realty Associates and Drew’s Home Improvement. 

Phase 3 - Transfer Asset to Operations

During phase 2, Syllabus Consulting transferred its interest in the property to Alpine Crossing, LLC; however Alpine Crossing had no inherent project management expertise. Therefore Syllabus Consulting provided project work, monitoring and controlling, and closing activity oversite for phase 2 and completed all phase 3 project tasks. 

Once the asset was placed into operations with Alpine Crossing, Syllabus Consulting concluded its effort and closed this portion of its portfolio.